Exercise For Varicose Veins

Exercise for Health & Relief

Varicose veins, swollen and enlarged veins appearing especially on the lower limbs, in the groin area and sometimes showing up as hemorrhoids, are not totally preventable.  However, by improving circulation and muscle tone and maintaining a healthy weight, the risks of developing more serious complications can be averted.  The common and constant swelling and discomfort of varicose veins can also be addressed without medication by incorporating some exercise into your life.

Try These For Fun & Benefit

One of the causes of varicose veins as well as deep vein thrombosis, is lack of movement.  By getting into motion and moving those legs, the effects of varicose veins can be lessened appreciably.  Try incorporating some of the following into your daily routine to not only aid in the relief of varicose veins, but to enhance your sense of well-being and health.

How about a walk around the block?  Twenty minutes of walking, as quickly as is comfortable will improve blood circulation to the legs.

Bicycling is also an excellent way to get the legs moving and it's easy on the knees.

Swimming is perhaps one of the best exercises because, along with getting a great leg workout, your legs are at the same level as your heart so the pooling of blood in the legs is avoided.

While sitting, straighten your legs and rotate your feet in either direction in small circles then point and flex your feet and bend and flex your legs.

It isn't always a good idea to do high-impact exercises such as running since it may make you uncomfortable.  The idea is to get some exercise, move your legs and still feel good when you're finished.  Standing for long periods of time is actually not good for the veins, circulation is enhanced by movement.

Keep Those Legs Moving

Leg exercise not only helps varicose veins, but also aids in the prevention of spider veins.  Exercising regularly relieves aching in varicose veins and helps to reduce them.  You might also try these exercises as a natural treatment to encourage good vein health.

Calf stretching can be done by simply standing on a step and dropping your heels below the height of the step.  Hold on to a banister or balance against a wall.  About 40 repetitions will encourage good strength in your calves - the muscles which act as pumps, pumping blood from the lower extremities to the heart.  Walking on your tiptoes around the house and then walking on just your heels for a little while are also excellent ways to promote strength.